How to Protect Your Apartment Complex Against Package Theft

How to Protect Your Apartment Complex Against Package Theft

Online businesses worldwide have seen an increase in sales since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. Even now that in-person shopping has resumed and businesses have opened their doors, many consumers still rely on online retailers for essentials such as food, clothing, and personal care items.

With an unprecedented number of sales by online stores, package delivery rates have drastically increased. It’s not unusual for some residential communities to see hundreds of packages arrive daily. With this comes some challenges, such as a surge in package theft.

If you manage or own a residential property, there are some steps you can take to prevent this unfortunate occurrence. Keep reading to learn more about how you can keep your community safe from package theft.

Reassess Apartment Access Management

It can be convenient sometimes to allow easy access to your property for residents and their guests. However, this can cause issues when it comes to preventing package theft. Take adequate steps to secure your building by checking that the locks on lobby doors are in working order and consider investing in a key FOB or access card system.

If you have a concierge service, make sure they have the proper training to identify suspicious people around where packages are delivered. Institute procedures for reporting suspicious activity, broken locks, poor lighting, or anything that makes it easier for illegal activity to occur. You can also require that all visitors sign a log as a way to discourage potential criminals. It’s recommended to consult with a security company to find out what works for your specific property.

Designate a Secure Package Area

It’s very common for delivery drivers to leave packages at residents’ front doors, which can increase the probability of theft. Other communities collect packages in an office or room for residents to pick up, but these are not always properly staffed at all hours of the day. This can also be an added hassle for residents who want to pick up packages at “off” times. Ideally, your community should have a dedicated package area that is secure and routinely monitored. A package locker that only the resident has access to is another way to cut down on theft.

Hire Apartment Security Guards

The best way to deter package theft is by hiring security guards. A uniformed security officer patrolling the package delivery/pick-up area is an effective way to keep your community safe. Display signs that announce the presence of security guards to further deter potential thieves. Even if you already have security personnel, consider adding more temporary guards during busy package seasons, such as the holidays.

Contact Security Guard Solutions Today

As a leading security provider, Security Guard Solutions staffs residential communities with first-rate guards who understand how to spot and manage potential threats. We help make your residents feel safe and secure and ease their worries about package theft and other crime.

Contact us at Security Guard Solutions today to discuss your security needs with our team of seasoned professionals. We have been working with clients like you for over 20 years and look forward to finding a plan that works for you and your residential community.